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Obituaries Front - - - - -. Westmoreland Obituaries. Man accused of indecent exposure outside Westmoreland Mall Charges were filed Monday against a Hempfield man who state police said was seen touching himself outside of Westmoreland Mall.

Brennan Touchet, 29, is charged with indecent exposure, open lewdness and disorderly conduct. Two women reported seeing Touchet allegedly performing what appeared to be a sex act on himself in Reduced police shifts approved to cut costs at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport Westmoreland County Park Police will roughly cut in half the hours they spend at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, in a move that is expected to increase efficiency and save money.

The police have had officers assigned to the Unity airport for two 8-hour shifts per day, providing an extra layer According to an ordinance passed by council in August, owners will need to pay an annual fee to register their vacant properties with the Students at a few districts are doing something about it and they hope others will follow in their footsteps by creating clubs that address mental health and wellness inside school walls In this course an introduction to different systems of astrology like Jaimini or Krishna Murthy system is given to students for providing a wider knowledge.

Under Mundane Astrology, predicting events of the country and the world and forecasting weather is taught here. Longevity calculations are also taught. Jyotish Rishi : This course is meant for those astrologers who know astrology and are practising it but are not strong in forecasting. Analysis of important horoscopes is done and basic texts of astrology are studied. Jyotish Maharshi : This programme is meant for research. Collection of data and research are the aims.

To verify the theories described in ancient texts and to formulate new principles are the main objectives. The duration may be 1 to 3 years. A thesis and publication of articles in journals or magazines are essentials for this course. The amount may be deposited by a demand draft or cheque in favour of centre or chapter chairperson or by cash.

Please decide the course of study of your choice and confirm the duration and timing of course from the centre at the time of admission. The admissions are given in the following steps. After passing Vastu Ratna admission may be sought in Vastu Shastracharya. Similarly, after Samudrik Ratna admission may be sought in Samudrik Shastracharya.

Rishi Programme is a study of original texts and examples of important personalities or buildings is done.

A revision of the basic course is also done. The practising astrologers, Vastu specialists or Palmists who are desirous of The minimum requirement for Jyotish Rishi is Jyotish Shastracharya or equivalent or 3 years experience in astrology. For research in astrology, admission may be taken in Jyotish Maharshi.


For this requirement is Jyotish Rishi or 5 years experience in astrology. For research in Vastu admission is offered in Vastu Maharshi. For this vastu Rishi or 2 years experience in Vastu is essential. For research in Samudrik Shastra students may take admission in Samudrik Maharshi. The desired qualification for admission is Samudrik Rishi or 2 years experience.

These on few centres can be completed in 3 months on the basis of more frequent classes. Out of this last 2 classes are meant for examinations. Few classes are earmarked for discussions and invited guests. According to the syllabus time duration of classes may be reduced or extended. The classes will be of 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday or any other day as decided by the chapter.

All courses are available on short term durations also. These will have classes for three to four days in a week and will be completed in 3 months. The The syllabus and total hours of studies are same for long term and short term courses. All Maharshi programs are of 1 year duration. The duration of program may be more or less depending on the completion of research. For the sake of convenience of students, classes may be organized in the evening. Kindly contact the Chapter Chairman for details of days, time and the courses offered.

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Required text book will be given to students. Additionally students will be given horoscopes in astrology courses or a compass etc. A list of additional recommended books will be given to you which you can purchase from the market. Each course shall comprise 2 papers.

Only then students will be issued a certificate. The unsuccessful or absent student may sit in examinations in the next semester after paying additional examination fees of Rs. If they want to revaluate one paper only they should deposit Rs. The reevulation fees for all papers should be Rs.

Bone crossbow vs rcb

In Rishi course one has to write detailed analysis of an example problem and a thesis on comparative study of two or more texts on a given subject. For Jyotish Maharshi, the viva voce examination for thesis will be conducted by an expert of that area and his decision will be final for approval of thesis.

Completeness and new ideas will be the deciding factors. In special circumstances the decision of the Chapter chairman will be final. The study material will also be provided in same language. If due to some reason the text material is not available in regional language then the students may opt for Hindi or English texts. However the student can write in regional language in examinations. However few chapters may change coaching days, duration, time or place. For this kindly contact the Chapter chairman. Contact the Chapter Chairman to know which course is being started when.

No examination will be conducted on completion of the course.

Jeannette murder victim had more than 100 wounds, pathologist says

Fee for each course is Rs. Study material will be provided by the Federation and a certificate of participation will be issued on completion of the course. All the above programmes are available through correspondence also. The admission fee to any course will be as per the fee structure for Non-NCR region the irrespective of center there admission sought.

The answer sheet for question papers of correspondence course have to be submitted with the chapter. After passing the examination certificate will be issued. Astrological Mathematics : Calculation of Time Standard, Local and Greenwich , Sidereal time, Sunrise and Sunset, Duration of day and night, Calculation of longitudes, 12 houses of horoscope mid and starting points of houses ,, Planetary degrees, The Retrograde and Direct motions of planets, Rising and setting of planets, Casting of Horoscopes- Natal and chalit, calculation of Vimsottari dasha and antardasha.

Paper-2 Predictive Astrology Planets : Characteristics, Natural friendship, Temporary friendship, Fivefold friendship, Exalted and Debilitated signs of planets and degrees, the Mooltrikona signs and Own signs and their degrees , enemies of planets, Significators, State of planets Avastha , Aspects of planets, Rahu - Ketu.

Signs : Characteristics of signs, their nature, elements, even and odd signs, Male, Female, Dwipad, Chatushpad, Keet, fixed, moveable and mixed signs, earthy, airy, fiery and watery signs, shirshoday, prishthodaya and ubhayodaya signs. Dasha as timer of event. Question of natives of various ages and prediction technique. Analysis of health, finance, education, profession, children, marriage. Kaalsarpa dosh and remedies. Analysis and use of Divisional charts. Dasha and its Results : Revision of Vimshottari dasa calculation and its results.

To find birth time by determining dasha on the basis of events. Calculations of pratyantar, sookshama and pran dasha of vimshottari will be completed. Calculation of Yogini dasa and its results. Transit : Use of transits for predictions, Effects of Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu in transits, effects of Sadesati and Dhaiya and their remedies, favourable positions of planets, Vedhas of planets, Reverse vedhas, Predictions of transits by dasha.

The Sarvarth sidhi yoga. Determination of timing of an event, Whether the incident will take place or not? If Yes When? Cast horary chart for a real life question, answer it and test its accuracy. Predict according to Varshphal or vimshottari dasha for past one year for some one known and compare for the accuracy.

System : Cusp computation and horoscope calculation, distribution of zodiac in 1 to numbers, nakshatra and sub-lords of planets and houses, significators of planets and houses, Ruling Planets and predictions by K. Agriculture Argh Analysis : Sasya jatak, significators and results of planet, sign and nakshatra. Market Analysis : Sarvatobhadra chakra, Grah char and marketing analysis, effects of eclipses. Sadesati, Kaalsarpa dosh and remedies.

Horoscopes Analysis : Study of horoscopes of important personalities like religious teachers, politicians, actors, renowned persons. Remedies : Remedies for malefic effects of planets, Importance of Stonesprecious and semi precious, Importance of Yantras and Mantras, Worship of Planets. Matching of Horoscopes : Matching of Ashtkoot, North Indian and south Indian procedures, Manglik analysis, Conclusions, Matching of Horoscopes by modern thinking, To calculate the probable period of marriage. Muhurt : To determine the auspicious date for Marriage, House warming, travel etc.

Match the past with your predictions. Predict for the relationship and compare with actual state of affairs. A self study of Original Texts : In this course a critical analysis of at least two original texts has to be done on a given topic and this is to be produce in form of a thesis. Vastu Purusuh, directions and use of magnetic compass. Selection of Land : The atmosphere around the land, shape of plot, inclination of land, vithi, Angles of land, Pathway to plot, Testing of land, Direction analysis of plot.

Vastu Vedh : Obstruction of the main gate, obstruction due to tree, shadow, tap, pole, building, road and other miscellaneous things. Vastu faults analysis : Problems caused by Vastu faults, Determination of Vastu faults by study of problems of families. Environmental Vastu : Appropriate place for trees, fruits, flowers and plants. Which trees should not be planted. Paper -3 Practical Practicals : Understanding map, visits to houses and vastu dosh rectification. Pyramid : Pyramid energy and its use. Environmental Vastu : Placement of trees in a colony, park or industry, appropriate place for plants and trees, fruits and flowers.

Difference between vastu and Feng Sui. Vastu Problems and Remedies : Problems caused due to vastu dosh, what problems are caused by which vastu fault, how to rectify vastu dosh. Study of Important buildings : Study of historical or important buildings like temples, fort, market, big buildings, towns, colonies Ashrams, clubs, etc.

Paper -2 Project Vastu Analysis : Draw layout plan of a house, multi storey building, colony, temple, school, hospital, historical building, market or a city and discuss in detail about vastu aspect. Suggest remedies for shortcomings. Vastu Comparison : Compare vastu of similar flats in a multistoreyed building or colony and compare with the status of families living there. Paper -3 Study of Original Texts of Vastu A self study of Original Texts : In this course a critical analysis of at least two original texts has to be done on a given topic and this is to be produce in form of a thesis.

Importance of numbers in queries, Vehicles, buildings, journey and business etc. Paper-2 Applied Numerology The Name and Name Number : Alphabets and numbers, Equivalent numbers for English and Hindi letters, Name number according to nick name, selection of a favourable and lucky name, selection of name of firm and a favourable partner.

Mundane Numerology : The relationship and effect of numbers on countries and environment. Paper-3 Practical Predict for the past on the basis of numerology for some one known and compare the results. Check if radical number or lucky number or name number occurs frequently in the life. Inspection of Hand : Authorised persons to study palmistry, Duties of a palmist, proper time for palm reading, place for palm reading, Instruments for palm reading, Methods of taking palm prints.

Palm Analysis : Shape and characteristics of palm, kinds of palm and their shape, effect of skin and colour. Displacement and its effects. Description of Fingers : Shapes of fingers, types of fingers, effect of skin colour and distance in fingers, finger parts and sign analysis, nails - shape and types with their importance etc. To know the disease by nails. Thumb : Types of thumb, importance of thumb, effect of thumb on native.

Prediction by Lines : Difference between main and secondary lines, analysis of plain palm or palm full of lines, prediction using alternate lines if main line is missing, computation of time of event. Signs Analysis : Kinds of main signs found on a palm, recognition of different signs, important signs, rare signs, reasons for signs and their effects.

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Yogas : Knowing Rajyoga etc. Analysis of match making system, use of matching system in daily life. Remedies : Remedies for negative effects, advent of goodluck, health, peace and education etc.. Paper-2 Face Reading Face Reading : Kinds of faces, knowing the personality of different faces, study of different lines on forehead. Study of Eyes : Different kinds of eyes and their merits, nature, disease, relation of eyes with eyebrows, several kinds of eyebrows and their effects, prediction through eyes. Study of Ears : Importance of ears, kinds of ears, influence of hair on the ear, personality difference due to small and large ears, effect of abnormal ears, knowing age by ears.

Study of Nose : Different kinds of noses, difference between small, long, flat and abnormal noses, knowing personality by nose. Effect of Mole : Moles found on different places and their effects, effect of mole on face, palm, different kinds of moles and their effects Parts of Body : To know the future by different parts of the body, effect of missing part or extra part of body.

Posture Analysis : Effect of different posture, effect of food habits, clothing, sitting, walking etc.. Compare with actual results.

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Suggest remedies and prove that remedies actually responded with real situation. Study from a known palm whether any yogas are formed and show whether results actually compare with predictions. Do matching of two known persons and compare with results in real life. Compare with the actual happenings in his life. Face Reading : Take photographs of a person in different poses and write about him from his face reading and other postures.

A self study of Original Texts : In this course a critical analysis of al least two original texts has to be done on a given topic and this is to be produce in form of a thesis. All students will participate in these discussions so that they can benefit from the subjects of one another. The research will proceed according to following stages : 1. Selection of topic of research-submission of synopsis 2. List of rules available in shastras on the topic. Formation of a questionnaire. Collection of data for the topic to 5. Application of classical rules on data to each topic.

Relations of a rule and its result in each topic. Formulation of new rules, showing application in particular cases researched upon. Publication of research papers in journals. Submit copies of journals. To write the thesis. Viva voce. Therefore there are no classes. Students are required to carry out research by remaining in contact with their guides. T;ksfr"k Hkw"k. Kursija Dr. Kursija Arun Kumar Bansal Sh.

Tilak Raj Dr. Harish Ch. Aggarwal Sh. Vinay Garg. MkW- txnack izlkn 'kkfyuh n'kekuk v.

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    Charak P. Shastri S. O;kikj jRu rsth eanh foKku vk;q fu. Learn Hindu Astrology. Kapoor P. Vasudev K. Rao K. Pathak G. Sharma S. Sareen S. Mdk ifCy'klZ. Indica Publisher Manoj Publication D. Sharma Cheiro Pro. M dEiuh xks;y ,. Mdk ifCy'kj. Vinay Singhal Indica Publisher Dr. Diamond P. Books Harper Collins Pub. Academic I Pub. Gopal Sharma Ms. Suman Pandit Bela Goda.

    Mumbai: Parsi hospital deal with Medanta falls through

    Rajyalakshmi Pub. Rajyalakshmi Publications Academic I Pub. Indica Publishers Chaukhamba Pub. Sagar Publication Harpher Collins. Silparatnakosa of Sthapaka Chaukhamba Pub. The secret world of Vastu Chaukhamba Pub. Vastusutra Upnishad Chaukhamba Pub. Visvakarma Chaukhamba Pub. Practical Vastu Shasrta Punjabi Pustak. Myh cukdj mkj fn;k tkrk gSA ;g 'u dq.