Horoscope gemini 27 december 2019

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Two is the number of choice, representing the cosmic moment at which the unity of the cosmos begins to fragment into different possibilities.


This is one of those times when all your normal standards and preconceptions need to be put on hold. There is no point in either judging yourself or criticising other people according to what happened in the past.

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If ever there was a time to live in the present, this is it! The planetary clarion call is to be adventurous. However, for many of you, three areas of your life stand out: legal questions, travel plans and higher education. In all these matters you should take very detailed notice of your own situation and set out to offer others a helping hand.

12222 Gemini Love Horoscope

The vital issue now is your value system, and the judgments you make both on yourself and other people. Try to be aware of the ways in which this is shaping your relationships. You seem to be suffering from a strange desire to rake over the coals, fanning the flames of some old argument or dispute.

Whether you go ahead or not is your choice, but it may be worth looking at the possible consequences before you make a start. From your solar chart it looks as if you are entering the realms of imagination and mystery which take you further into your dreams than ever before.

Watch out for confusion in the so-called real world and take care at work, but enjoy your fantasies. It is artistic Virgos who are best fitted to survive the week — and find the success you all deserve.