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A big cheque is on the way. Spend it on an expensive status symbol you've wanted for months. You're long overdue for a treat.

Russell Grant Video Horoscope Leo September Thursday 11th

When you work hard, you should have something to show for your labour. This purchase will suit you admirably. People respect your leadership ability. That's because you're not patronising. By treating everyone like intelligent, capable workers, they work hard to earn your approval. It's no surprise that your team is the most successful one. Achieving a personal goal will make your spirits soar.

Use your joy to launch an even more ambitious project. When you've gained momentum like this, it's wise to keep it building. Going on a long-distance trip, getting a degree or publishing a novel are possibilities. Things are moving quickly on the artistic front.

Monthly Horoscopes - leo - Russell Grant

An opportunity to put your work on display should be accepted immediately. You don't want a rival to take your place while you're making up your mind. You are hard-working, methodical and patient. People often ask you for help when they feel overwhelmed. It gives you pleasure to relieve loved ones of their burdens. Making meals, running errands and making medical appointments will speed an ailing colleague's recovery. You'll be given the top prize from a group of capable contenders. The judges admire your versatility and intelligence.

This award will lead to some exciting travel and educational opportunities. Get ready to branch out; you've outgrown your present position. An intelligent use of group funds increases your value to the organisation. Unlike the previous person who held your position, you keep strict accounts of expenditures. When anyone has questions about a purchase, you're able to explain why it was bought. Your hard work has paid off.

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Being given a plum assignment will fill you with pride. Everybody knows you are good at dealing with people from all walks of life. This gift helps you attract loyal and enthusiastic customers.

Tuesday 12 Nov, 12222

Your professional success paves the way for long-term financial security. Instead of living beyond your means, divert a percentage of your pay into a savings account or investment plan. Watching your money mount will cultivate a prosperity consciousness. It's easy to attract more wealth when you feel abundant. Romance is your strong suit. When you love someone, you shower them with compliments, gifts and kindness.

Anyone who wins your heart has hit the jackpot. Even your former partners have deep, abiding affection for you. Surprise money is on its way to you. An inheritance, prize winning or legal settlement will improve your financial standing.

Use this windfall to take an overseas trip that you've been dreaming about for years. Visiting a country known for its delicious food is advised. A home purchase will be cause for celebration. If you're the one who has bought a new abode, throw a party. Friends, relatives and colleagues will be happy to contribute to a domestic fund.

Your romantic partner knows how to satisfy your sensual desires. Spending the day wrapped in their embrace. In the past, you were shy about exploring your physical desires. That has changed since being with your amour. They've persuaded you to let down your defences.


This is a great time to negotiate a contract. Make a list of things that you want most from this deal. By keeping these items in mind at all times, you'll get exactly what you want with little effort. Your business or romantic partner will get wonderful financial news. Their good fortune will spill onto you. Don't be pressured into proposing a resolution until you've heard all sides of the story.

On the 26th, the New Moon will put you in the path of romance. Don't be so quick to pursue a serious relationship with a humorous suitor. Until you can pinpoint their motives, it's best to keep this relationship casual. The last thing you want is to pour all your energy into a person who has no intention of making a serious commitment. If you already have a partner, take their inflated promises with a grain of salt.

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