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Phi Velorum brings emphasis to our attunement to naturally occurring transcendent currents expressing within the substance of all life, from atoms to galaxies. Aspidiske and Phi Velorum put ecliptical Zaniah's "right use of will" into a greater evolutionary context, one with cosmic ramifications that extend beyond the physical spacetime moment into the subspace timestream.

This means that our acts of will are not isolated, cut off and limited to the moment itself, but extend into the past-future time-stream of the soul influencing the continuous cosmic currents in soul's greater evolutionary journey in ways that are unseen in the action moment. Aspidiske impels us to extend our awareness into this time-stream, while Zaniah inspires clear action in each moment. Thus, each action-moment is one punctual droplet of many composing a continuous timestream that formulates the path or waveform upon which soul travels.

Aspidiske invites us to realize that our actions extend into and influence not only the nature of our own lives but also the lives of others, effecting the meandering currents in an ocean of being. They set up resonances in spacetime that define the probability of experiences yet to come for our selves and in the evolutionary journey of all involved.

Our Makemake New Moon and this lunar cycle impel energetic, responsive, and audacious action for achievement. They also impel us to take risks, even heroic. If we do not take some risks in our lives that stretch us beyond our comfort zones, we do not grow let alone find the golden egg we may seek. However, the stellar placement of the New Moon requires we carefully consider the potential long-term ramifications of our actions, and that we stay aware of the greater purpose underlying any temporal achievements we may pursue. It also impels us to be attentive to messages from the world around us and also to issues concerning health, agriculture and the environment.

It highlights individuality expressed independently in ways that are productive, progressive and ethical. This image was taken as New Horizons zipped toward Pluto and its moons on July 14, , from a range of 22, miles 35, kilometers. The striking features on Pluto are clearly visible, including the bright expanse of Pluto's icy, nitrogen-and-methane rich "heart," Sputnik Planitia. Published: July 23, Our New Moon and lunar cycle also bring emphasis to the control and manipulation of financial resources by clandestine oligarchies seeking to maintain positions of power and domination of resources.

It thus brings emphasis to the overall social-political-economic paradigm, and specifically to individuals and political groups seeking positions either of authoritarian and totalitarian dominance, or influential positions to ethically evolve this paradigm to serve, rather than control the mass populous. This emphasis naturally extends into antiquated as well as new disruptive technological systems and methods used to administer financial matters and natural resources.

Jupiter and Saturn have completed their retrogrades in the previous two lunar cycles and Pluto will now complete its retrograde on October 3 conjoining the Centaur Chariklo. Pluto's station also occurs exactly on Pluto's South Node, which creates an exceptionally strong Earth-Pluto resonance.

Pluto and the Centaur Chariklo will make the third of their three exact conjunctions on the New Moon of November 26 finalizing their synchronous retrogrades, which began in February of All planets in sidereal Sagittarius and Scorpio have now completed their retrogrades.

This imparts an accelerating force as we begin to ski an avalanche throughout the remainder of this year, which leads into the December Eclipse Lunar Cycle and the commencement of "The Societal Reset" beginning in January with the Lunar Eclipse Mercury-Ceres-Saturn-Pluto conjunction square to Eris. The Societal Reset is but the start of "The Great Transformation" occurring throughout the following decade.

For the moment, on this New Moon, the "Gates of Pluto" open as Pluto begins its approach to its first geocentric square with retrograde Eris. To learn about Graphic Ephemerides: how they are made, how to understand them, and how to use them, see: About Graphic Ephemerides. More about all of this can be found in The Great Transformation article. The annual Earth-Chariklo and Earth-Pluto cycles starting now occur in the more embracing year Chariklo-Pluto cycle and contribute to the primary transition occurring in The Earth-Pluto-Chariklo annual synodic cycles occuring in mid-July of and the Earth-Pluto annual synodic cycle occurring in July of reside very close to the same location as the synod of the year Chariklo-Pluto cycle—in late sidereal Sagittarius.

Thus, these first two annual Earth-Pluto synodic cycles, beginning in July of and continuing through July of , ground the essence of the year Chariklo-Pluto cycle into our palpable Earthian experience. The Pluto-Chariklo resonance may aid to impel those who do not fit into the societal norm to realize it is their uniqueness that is their power, along with providing impetus to create new ways to express the "innovative power of uniqueness" throughout the January opening and new cycles emerging in the new decade.

This will not only aid in the rebirth of a new societal expression but also inspire the establishment of a social—political-economic infrastructure that supports all people, especially those who do not fit into the current segregated social-economic mold. The Pluto-Chariklo resonance may also provide impetus to foster the establishment of new forms of energy production. We may begin to see the emergence of this in society more so when Jupiter and Saturn arrive to conjoin Chariklo throughout , which occurs in early sidereal Capricorn.

Full Moon October Astrology

These conjunctions can be seen in the Annual Graphic Ephemeris. Several significant events occurring throughout this lunar cycle break loose our avalanche and intensify the conclusion. The Moon will then conjoin Pluto and Centaur Chariklo, which are now about to make the third of their three conjunctions which finalize their synchronous retrogrades occurring throughout Mars also conjoins Makemake at this time, adding an additional dynamic stimulus to our lunar cycle. This Full Moon T-square is the first significant pre-trigger to the upcoming January Pluto-Eris square, which inaugurates their continuing square extending through The Full Moon climax of this lunar cycle and realizations we may have during it may provide some insight into the nature of the continuing Pluto-Eris square.

For more about the potentialities, see The Pluto-Eris square and the Pluto-Eris year cycle , which began in , the time of the inception of the global financial empire. Eris, amid her retrograde, begins her new annual synodic cycle on the Disseminating Moon. Ceres conjoins Jupiter as the two planets begin to accelerate into sidereal Sagittarius toward the end of the lunar cycle. Ceres will join the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction in square to Eris. There will be several augmenting energetics to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto confluence occurring throughout that will bring emphasis to several areas influencing changes in our personal lives and that will shift the influence to any societal, political and economic changes occurring throughout the year.

Ceres presence during the January event provides the first influence, bringing our attention to that which is fundamentally nourishing to all life, to how we nurture, and to environmental concerns. The additional influences will follow due to retrograding Pallas, retrograding Venus and Mercury mid-year, and finally retrograding Mars toward the end of the year, all creating direct aspects to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto confluence.

These are just a few highlights occurring in this lunar cycle. The Monthly Lunar Planner explores not only the details of the changing lunar phases but also these additional events, their meaning and more—the underlying cosmic currents upon which we evolve and which guide our daily lives—based in star-level astronomical sidereal astrology and synodic astrology. If you would like to learn more about the energetics of each lunar cycle, how they relate to your personal experience, the opportunity for growth each cycle offers, and about the longer-term underlying cycles driving evolutionary change on our planet, subscribe to the monthly Lunar Planner.

You can also gain more insight into star-level astrology and the meaning of the stars and constellations, and learn about astronomical-based synodic astrology. The Monthly Lunar Planner Commentary is available for a small subscription fee, merely the price of one good Cappuccino per month. You can also visit the Lunar Planner Archive to view previous issues of the Lunar Planner to get a feel for what the monthly Lunar Planners are all about. Lunar Planners older than a few months are made available to non-subscribers.

Previous issues of the Lunar Planner are available to non-subscribers. See The Lunar Planner Archive. If you would like to be on the Lunar Planner e-mail list to receive notification when each New Moon Issue becomes available, and to be notified when other Lunar Planner publications become available, you can signup here. Your e-mail address is treated as private information and never shared. July 7, Ridgecrest California 7. The M 7. The 6. See: Ridgecrest California 7. Raikoke volcano, plume to 43, feet. Just a few of many primary eruptions are presented in this article, those with plumes greater than 40, feet above sea level.

Volcanic Eruptions Intensify. Latest Update: June The Naming of OR 10 0 After many years without a name, the November deadline for naming the fourth largest dwarf planet arrives. The discovery team wanted to wait until they obtained a better understanding of this object before proposing a name. They also wanted to create a fun way to get the public involved in the naming process. In this effort, they set up a voting process in which the public could choose between three proposed names: Gonggong, Holle or Vili.

January Calendar 2020

Voting openned on April 9, and closed on May 10, The winning name, Gonggong, will be proposed to the IAU's Committee of Small Body Nomenclature who is ultimately responsible for approving minor planet names. Learning science facts about light, variation, magnets, springs, earth, sun and moon, changing states, materials, life cycles, habitats, minibeasts and our body with these great educatonal kids games.

It's also possible to see the state of the moon for every day and month. Today it is all figured out when the actual New Moon occurs, but in ancient days the New Moon began at the first observance of the crescent Moon. As the moon is getting ready to complete it's cycle, there is a need to disseminate all of the lessons cultivated from the previous phases.

New Moon to new Moon is a Moon synodic month which is Moon phase, lunar day and moon position in zodiac signs for today. The full moon often casts an exuberant vibe, making it a great time to have a party.


New Moon Waxing, Degrees. Current moon phase The Moon orbits the Earth approximately once a month - the Lunar cycle. Moon Phases and Full Moon Times. Click on the calendar to see the moon's phase and information for other days. Below you can find dates and hours of all Moon Phases in What this means is the illuminated proportion of the Moon visible from Earth changes as it orbits us.

Rainfall cycles mirror the two-week tide cycle in response to the position of the moon. As we celebrate 50 years since Man has first walked on the Moon, I am also reminded it is not only Man who has been into Space. Lunar Calendar August To look up the phase of the moon for any date, just fill out the form below, then hit "Find Phase. A menstrual cycle has about the same length as the moon cycle, which is roughly a All stories are expertly selected from across the best UK and global newspapers.

We always see the same side of the moon, but part of it is in shadow. Alunatime by Laura Williams. He defined different market cycles, discovering that they work in six phases. For about. The ovulation calendar predicts the approximate dates when you may ovulate and be fertile, and is intended for use by those with regular menstrual cycles. The Monthly Moon…. Set an alarm in advance to ensure you don't miss the lunar eclipse, or super snow moon! Get today's moonrise, moonset, moon age, moon distance, moon phase tonight with current viewing information.

Find sport news, advice on buying a bike, the latest motorbike reviews and much more. What Moon phase were you born under?

Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Fill in your date of birth and press calculate to get your Moon phase and interpretation. More About the Year Cycle was published. Move counterclockwise 90 degrees from the new moon or 45 degrees from the waxing crescent to place or draw the first quarter moon. How to Plant by Phases of the Moon By Barbara Fahs ; Updated September 21, About three generations ago farmers relied on folk wisdom to ensure the largest harvest of their crops, which they relied on for food and income. The Product Life Cycle. Reap results or make decisions at the full moon.

View over here when it's full moon and see when the moon has reached the first quarter or last quarter. Phases of the moon as seen in the Northern Hemisphere. Horrifying moment masked hitman blasts victim with shotgun in busy street. Every calendar is easy to print and free.

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Ibis frames and complete bikes are available from retailers all over the world. The first and second phases are waxing, meaning they are increasing in light. The moon cycle begins again every It takes our Moon about The rapper, Noisey UK's first digital cover star, opens up about the reality behind his much-hyped backstory so far. That said, we do have something to talk about today as we unexpectedly reached minor G1 geomagnetic storm conditions yesterday and today!

Read more. If it's true that we rest between lives, in our real home, the New Moon is a time to rest, before the next cycle of happenings. The calendar shows the moon cycle and makes it easy to understand the different moon phases. The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. Never say no when a client asks for something, even if it is the moon. To promote optimal health and well-being, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society recommend that adults should sleep for at least 7 hours per night regularly. Genuine parts, accessories and clothing also available.

New data shows 16, bikes were. What the influence does the lunar phases of the New Moon have on our bodies and minds? How can we make the most out of the New Moon cycle?. Stay ahead with IT management and technology news, blogs, jobs, case studies, whitepapers and videos. It's a time of newness and rejuvenation. Vietnam Cycle "I find myself often thinking very fondly of our wonderful time in Vietnam - the sights, the sounds, the smells as you pedal along, past laughing waving children, chickens in the dust, and the soaring impossible hills and wide rice terraces.

In our example, we missed out Gibbs' 'Evaluation' phase, and have gone back and added in some thoughts about what our Health Visitor got right — clearly her first session with the family was not all bad. Moonpage lets you quickly find the phase of the moon for any date; also the next or previous new or full moon phases for any date. On board, the airline says, was "a passenger, a shipment of leather, several rows and some jars of Devonshire cream" cargo, But BA's attention has been diverted from this West London- moored by one of the worst weekends of the 21st century.

The Bolton News, sport, Wanderers. Moonphase — The transition of the moon through a This so-called nodal cycle has the effect of changing how far above or below the equator the moon can reach in its orbit.

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  • The moon charts comprise the moon phase cycle from the new moon to the last quarter, and the zodiac path. The Moon spends the extra 2. We'Moon is full of art and writing by women from all over the world. Today on Cyclingnews. UK sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley said if the full Moon's effects on sleep were because of brightness, then the usual things such as eye masks would help.

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    Like all new moons, it'll cross the sky with the sun during the day. The moon reminds us of birth, death and the cycles amid. This time it is the other half of the Moon that is lit. Not getting the recommended hours of sleep is linked to weight gain and obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heart disease,. In any calendar year there are a minimum of two solar and two lunar eclipses. If an eclipse of the Sun or Moon takes place on a given date, it is noted by a character next to the date in the table above. Phases of the Moon Photo Gallery is an image collection showing the Moon's phases over a complete synodic month.

    The following table gives the date and time of the important astronomical events for the year. A key to astronomical terms appears below the calendar. The table below contains links to astronomical events calendars for a range of years and Time Zones. The times of astronomical events listed with a precision in hours and minutes i. Similarly, the times of astronomical events listed with a precision in hours i.